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How the Curriculum is Organized


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How the Curriculum is Organized

Unlike the Daily Writing Lessons, which are organized by grade level, the curriculum presents the Target Skills by writing competency levels that correspond roughly to grade levels, but which can be usefully applied for differentiated instruction. Generally speaking on-level Initial writers will be in found in K-1; Developing in grades 2-3; Fluent in grades 4-5, and FluentPlus in middle school.

Many classes, however, contain students who write at different grade levels. After assessing writing with a simple descriptive prompt, teachers can use the Curriculum Guide to adapt their instruction of the Target Skill to a different writing competency level. For example, a fifth-grade teacher who is targeting the skills of paragraphing for expository pieces to generally Fluent writers may need to first teach a new ELL student the precursor paragraphing skill of list-making. A striving young writer responds more quickly when a teacher recognizes and honors his specific writing level.

Initial writers:

These young writers are making, or have made the oral-to-written connection. They eventually can write a few related sentenced, but they often start a sentence in the same way over and over. These writers learn to write a beginning and ending and use basic composing skills.

Developing writers:

These young writers are more comfortable writing several ideas based on a topic. They can include beginnings and endings, and they attempt to vary sentence structure. They begin to use composing and literary skills to engage the reader.

Fluent writers:

These writers are capable of writing developed, multi-paragraphed pieces with a variety of beginnings and endings. They use many composing skills, and they strive for varied sentence structure.

Fluent Plus writers:

Fluent Plus writers are comfortable writing developed, multi-paragraphed pieces in all assessed genres. They use logic, their pieces flow, and they use composing skills and literary devices to convey meaning and style and to set the tone for the piece. This most sophisticated writer fully engages the reader.