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Katie Woo Loves School
Katie Woo Loves School
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Katie Woo

Katie Woo Loves School

by Fran Manushkin
Illustrated by Tammie Lyon

For Katie Woo, school is one big adventure after another. Her teacher, Miss Winkle, makes every day special. She takes the class on exciting field trips and gives them fun, special projects. Katie and her classmates can't help but love school!

PublisherPicture Window Books
BrandKatie Woo
Age Level5-7 Years
Reading LevelGrades K-2
GenreRealistic Fiction
Trim Size5 1/2 x 7 1/4
Page Count96
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Second Bookshelf on the Right blog - Mai

"READ IT IF: You like beautifully illustrated children's books. You are looking for a book with an Asian-American main character. You like books that have more than one story in them." - Second Bookshelf on the Right blog

July 25, 2012

NetGalley Review - Shannon Houghton

"Solid do-the-right-thing tales with a neat cast of characters." - NetGalley Review

June 13, 2012

Secrets & Sharing Soda blog - Katie

"I have always loved Katie Woo, and this book has made me excited about her all over again." - Secrets & Sharing Soda blog

May 2, 2012


Well-Read Reviews blog - Allison

"I just met Katie Woo for the first time. She’s a kid with depth to her character and real feelings and best of all, it teaches our young readers great lessons for every day life. . . .Between the well-written moral lessons and the enjoyable pictures Katie Woo Rules the School is a gem for children everywhere." - Well-Read Reviews blog

July 1, 2012

Kids Books Central - Francesca Amendolia

" early-reader with lovely watercolor illustrations and simple text, perfect for those readers just risking the giant step away from picture books. . . .A young reader would find Katie Woo a sympathetic heroine, and having read a proper book, no doubt glow with pride at her achievement, and what more could anyone ask for?" - Kids Books Central

August 1, 2012

Heaven is Sort of a Library blog - Marissa

"...a nice new entry in this field which has been dominated by another bespectacled girl, Junie B. Jones, for some time now. . . .If you've burned through Junie B. but aren't quite ready for Ivy and Bean or (my favorite) Ramona, Katie Woo may be your go-to girl." - Heaven is Sort of a Library blog

August 2, 2012


Substitutes, FTW! blog - Veronica Chase

"Growing up, I was an avid reader. I loved book series because they gave you got to see your favorite characters grow. Today, when I’m observing the books students choose to read and what they check out from their school libraries, I’m struck by a major difference in some of their popular fiction versus what I grew up reading. When I was growing up, it was quite a task to find a book series featuring a female protagonist who was not white. Ramona Quimby, Nancy Drew, the Sweet Valley Twins, 95% of the Babysitter’s Club, etc. were all white. They are wonderful books and children from any race can read and enjoy stories about these characters, but I wondered what young black, Hispanic, Asian, and other races lost when they got few chances to read books about characters that look like them. If any race can read and love Ramona, shouldn’t they all be given the chance to read and relate to a black character, or an Asian one? Why don’t publishers make more of these books? Tough we are aware of the reasons why it’s important for students to read books like this, there is still a paucity of books available that spotlight racially diverse characters. Nevertheless, there are now a lot more options for young readers. I love seeing girls with their noses in books, and I was struck when I saw girls of all races reading two series starring diverse female protagonists: Katie Woo and Dyamonde Daniel . Katie Woo is an award-winning series for young readers. Katie’s series contains short sentences and nice illustrations for students just beginning chapter books. Her covers are as vivid and inviting as her stories! Katie is in first grade and she’s had to deal with the loss of a beloved pet , a bully and lying . I love that likeable series features an Asian protagonist, though it is sadly one of the few I’ve ever seen that does so." - Substitutes, FTW! blog

June 11, 2011

NetGalley Review - Amy Moscia

"A great school story for beginner readers, "Katie Woo: Rules the School" was another hit for Fran Manushkin.  Katie Woo stories are excellent for young elementary school students, each story focuses on everyday issues that children have to deal with today." - NetGalley Review

July 25, 2012

Kids Book Korner blog - Jenifer Nelissen

"There are very good lessons to be learned from Katie's experiences. . . .As a former, teacher I would recommend this book. I feel it makes the transition to reading chapter books an enjoyable experience. After reading Katie Woo Rules the School I think the reader will want to read other books in the Katie Woo series." - Kids Book Korner blog

August 1, 2012


Concert Katie blog - Katie Wanta

"I think this book is great for younger kids, and definitely teaches some great lessons about school and how to treat and act around your classmates.  They would also be easy readers if your child is just learning to read and wants to read it on their own." - Concert Katie blog

August 1, 2012

NetGalley Review - Elizabeth Parnell

"All four stories were entertaining and I believe Katie Woo's latest adventures will be a popular choice among children everywhere." - NetGalley Review

June 21, 2012

Crowding the Book Truck blog - Caroline Land

"This was my first time reading a Katie Woo book, and I quite enjoyed it. Both she and the books have a Ramona Quimby vibe to them; Katie isn't perfect but she tries to do what's right, and the books look at tough issues (and real issues that kids face) without losing heart and warmth. . . .This looks like a great series for young readers and if, like me, you're new to the series, this collection of stories is a great way to get yourself introduced to Katie Woo's world." - Crowding the Book Truck blog

August 1, 2012


NetGalley Review - Pat Swiatek

"Great chapter book for early readers, emerging readers, as well as those needing a little extra practice in reading.  Not only were the sentences and words used just the right length and difficulty, the content was very relevant for this day and age (working cooperatively, bullying, helping others).  This will allow for many connections to be made by the child reading the book." - NetGalley Review

August 2, 2012

San Francisco Book Review - Rosi Hollinbeck

"Fran Manushkin keeps the earliest of readers engaged with her sweet Katie Woo series of books. With a recipe and project in the back, this will be a memorable reading experience. Tammie Lyon’s sweet illustrations are perfect." - San Francisco Book Review

October 7, 2013

Fran Manushkin

Fran Manushkin

Fran Manushkin is the author of many popular picture books, including Baby, Come Out!; Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story; The Tushy Book; The Belly Book; and Big Girl Panties. There is a real Katie Woo — she's Fran's great-niece — but she never gets in half the trouble of the Katie Woo in the books. Fran writes on her beloved Mac computer in New York City, without the help of her two naughty cats, Chaim and Goldy.

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