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Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share
Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share
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Craft It Yourself

Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share

Paper is not just for drawing! Budding artists use paper to create everything from lanterns to  picture frames. Simple, step by step instructions and big, full color photographs help readers maximize their potential.

PublisherCapstone Young Readers
BrandCraft It Yourself
Age Level8-14 Years
Reading LevelGrades 3-4
GenreProcedural Text
SubjectHobbies & Crafts
Trim Size8 x 10
Page Count112
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NetGalley Review - Lynn Christiansen, R.B. Tullis Library, Montgomery County Memorial Library Syste

"There are a lot of great ideas & I think my patrons will really like this book." - NetGalley Review

January 10, 2013

NetGalley Review - Amy Adams

"This book had some interesting project ideas. It provided new and unique uses for paper." - NetGalley Review

January 12, 2013

NetGalley Review - Amy Moscia

"The setup of the book is great, it has pictures to show some of the steps and the completed project. This makes creating the projects much easier with having something visual to see." - NetGalley Review

May 20, 2013


Second Bookshelf on the Right blog - Mai

"The book has plenty of pictures and the layout used is visually pleasing and perfect for a craft book. The tools needed to accomplish the projects can be found at the start of the book so you can collect them beforehand. . . .READ IT IF: Your child likes making paper decorations. Your child likes art projects. You like creating things out of paper." - Second Bookshelf on the Right blog

February 4, 2013

NetGalley Review - Christine Sharbrough, Librarian

"...the items required for most of the projects are easy and inexpensive - definitely a plus when working with crafts and kids." - NetGalley Review

February 4, 2013

School Library Journal - Paige Bentley-Flannery, Deschutes Public Library, Bend, OR

"Readers who have ever wondered what to do with all of the leftover paper scraps, wrapping paper, boxes, and ribbons from past events will revel in these projects they can create with recycled paper. The book is cool, clear, and filled with easy-to-follow ideas. . . .A great resource for teachers and families." - School Library Journal

March 1, 2014


Booklist - J.B. Petty

"With more than 50 out-of-the-ordinary paper creations, this is certain to be a hit with girls, their friends, parents, group leaders, and teachers. The materials: ordinary stuff that is likely laying around the house already or that could be purchased at a nearby store—not, as is so often the case with such guides, esoteric materials only found at specialty stores. . . .Craft books abound, but this one looks especially productive and painless." - Booklist

December 15, 2013

NetGalley Review - Kathleen Kelly

"...the crafts were higher quality than the average kids' craft book. The complexity of the crafts and the instructions suggest that this book would be best for teens or for adults planning crafts for kids." - NetGalley Review

February 28, 2013

NetGalley Review - Monique German, Librarian

"This is a beautifully illustrated book. The images are modern and the craft colors will appeal to my students. . . .I know I will be getting a copy of this for my school." - NetGalley Review

January 18, 2013


Shelfishness blog - Kristin

"This is no ordinary paper craft book – this goes far beyond inspiring page layouts and beautiful card designs so that you can create paper projects that are as beautiful as they are diverse. . . .With over 114 pages of crafty ideas and inspiration, paper lovers are sure to find a project that will be fun and beautiful. This book is well worth adding to your shelf!" - Shelfishness blog

April 15, 2013

NetGalley Review - Ginny Youngblood

"Interesting book. Found a couple of interesting paper related projects to try out." - NetGalley Review

June 3, 2013

NetGalley Review - PaulaMarie Bianchi

"I am looking forward to having this book in our collection. It contains an excellent variety of paper crafts. I am particularly excited about the Paper Tile Mosaics and Quilled Paper!" - NetGalley Review

January 12, 2013


NetGalley Review - Louise Bendall, Librarian

"Cute creations of varying skill levels will inspire kids & adults to use paper in new ways. There are wonderful photographs and the instructions seem clear enough…" - NetGalley Review

February 4, 2013

PhotoCat's Eyes blog

"...contains nice photographs of every project, and gives a good list of attributes needed for the projects. . . .A book that I would gladly give to kids. It would make a fabulous birthday present, especially for the crafty kids in the house." - PhotoCat's Eyes blog

April 12, 2013

PM27 blog - Patricia

"...full of colourful photos of finished projects that invite readers of all ages to give them a try. Instructions are listed in a clear format and are easy to follow. Projects range from earrings and necklaces to a time capsule and flowers. So many choices!" - PM27 blog

February 14, 2013


Inside BJ's Head blog - BJ Gaskill

"This book was SO MUCH FUN! . . .You would think some of the things in the book were made differently, I mean they look so professional. But once you get going yours look just as good. Even better because YOU did it. I recommend this book for all the families that want to make some really awesome things with all that left over paper. Lets be ECO friendly this summer and let the kids have fun!!!" - Inside BJ's Head blog

April 2, 2013

NetGalley Review - Margaret Rutledge

"The projects are creative and the instructions are clear. I found several projects to make this summer." - NetGalley Review

June 3, 2013

Una Dressed in Books blog - Una

"Very good, new ideas of what you can do with paper. . . .with a little bit of my help, my 9 year daughter had a lot of fun." - Una Dressed in Books blog

February 9, 2013


NetGalley Review - Ozge Sa

"I expect interest in this book from my students. It is beautifully photographed." - NetGalley Review

May 23, 2013

Rikkis Teleidoscope blog - Rikki

"The projects in this book cover a wide range of topics and levels of difficulty. Every (future) paper crafter can find something here that appeals to him/her. . . .If you are a paper crafter and would like to introduce your child to it, or if you want to explore paper crafting together with your child, this book is something you should definitely have a look out for." - Rikkis Teleidoscope blog

January 28, 2013

Rikki's Teleidoscope blog - Rikki

"The projects in this book cover a wide range of topics and levels of difficulty. Every (future) paper crafter can find something here that appeals to him/her. . . .If you are a paper crafter and would like to introduce your child to it, or if you want to explore paper crafting together with your child, this book is something you should definitely have a look out for." - Rikki's Teleidoscope blog

January 28, 2013


Books Beside My Bed blog - Karen

"...will be perfect for a crafter who wants to use up the paper in their house. I know I might be scouring Micheal's and Hobby Lobby for scrapbooking paper for homemade box toppers. I would have this book out on display after a craft time at the library for those who love to make their own items." - Books Beside My Bed blog

January 16, 2013

What's Carol Reading? blog - Carol

"The crafts vary in difficulty from easy to quite complex so there is something for everyone though most will require some form of adult supervision. The materials lists and directions are quite clear and the colorful photos are fabulous." - What's Carol Reading? blog

May 9, 2013

NetGalley Review - Tiffany Smith, Librarian, Free Library of Philadelphia

"I enjoyed this book. Very easy yet pretty crafts to make with paper. Especially good if you need programming ideas for teens and tweens." - NetGalley Review

March 15, 2013


Hannah Ackroyd blog - Hannah

"I absolutely love this book and I can’t wait to get my hands on a print copy. It is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to turn their hand to paper crafts, regardless of age but it is also a great one for parents to work through with their kids." - Hannah Ackroyd blog

March 1, 2013

NetGalley Review - Kathy Belvin

"I loved this book! The photos are rich and vibrant and show exactly what the items will look like when they are finished. I can't wait to make some of the items myself or share them with friends. The directions seem easy enough to follow for older elementary children to make on their own." - NetGalley Review

February 23, 2013

NetGalley Review - Monique German

"I have a small create area in my middle school library, and I have been looking for "low tech" crafts to feature. This is a beautifully illustrated book. The images are modern and the craft colors will appeal to my students. There is a nice balance between crafts featuring specialty papers and those using recycled items." - NetGalley Review

February 17, 2013


NetGalley Review - Elizabeth Nicolini, Librarian

"We will be purchasing this one. It has so many great projects, and would be great for program ideas!" - NetGalley Review

January 24, 2013

All Aboard blog - Theresa

"This is a must have book for all crafters! . . .This book has some of the most unique, classy ideas! It even puts a new spin on some old classic crafts. Move over Pinterst, these crafts are unique!" - All Aboard blog

May 15, 2013

NetGalley Review - Terri Broz

"Filled with fun ideas for creative projects to make with easily accessible items." - NetGalley Review

May 7, 2013


NetGalley Review - Valerie Bogert

"Paper Artist is a one stop instruction book for all things paper. There are 53 projects that range from jewelry, garlands, lanterns, a paper purse, and much much more! There are plenty of projects to keep everyone busy creating fun and personal items to keep or give away. . . .This would be a great book for a Teen library collection and would even be successful in the adult stacks." - NetGalley Review

February 13, 2013

NetGalley Review - Adrienne Kreger, Educator

"...a great gift choice for a tween or teen crafter. . . .I like that many of these projects can be done with recycled paper, definitely adding appeal for the eco-friendly crowd." - NetGalley Review

January 24, 2013

NetGalley Review - Ana Gomez

"...I think this book can be enjoyed with the whole family." - NetGalley Review

May 7, 2013


NetGalley Review - Leslie Anstedt

"Crafting with paper is a staple in many library and school programs (and many homes, for that matter) and this book has some wonderfully creative ideas for doing that with style. From cards, to paper critters and on to some intricate pointillism and quilling projects, this is exactly the sort of book that belongs in a library collection!" - NetGalley Review

January 1, 2013

Pam Funke's Book Reviews blog - Pam

"...a wonderful craft book for young readers and adults. There are some really unique yet creative paper ideas included in the book." - Pam Funke's Book Reviews blog

May 20, 2013

NetGalley Review - Nelda Brangwin

" a librarian I’m always being asked for paper art books, and this is a book I would add to my collection. . . .if the young creators come out with a project similar to what is shown in the pictures, they will be proud of their accomplishments." - NetGalley Review

December 20, 2012


NetGalley Review - D'Arcy Rowe

"I will definitely buy this book to use in our library! What a great book for paper artists or just for people wanting to become a paper artist!  This book shows a lot of different kinds of projects." - NetGalley Review

February 20, 2013

Wall-to-Wall Boooks blog

"This is every paper crafter's dream book! It has gorgeous pictures on EVERY page (lovin it), simple instructions, mostly everyday supplies, wide range of ideas. I highly recommend this!" - Wall-to-Wall Boooks blog

May 4, 2013

NetGalley Review - Meg Clancy

"Beautifully photographed craft projects with easy to follow, step by step instructions makes for a lovely book for kids.  It's great also that the supplies needed are inexpensive and accessible to the target audience.  Many of the projects are very easy while some give the reader a challenge.  I'll be purchasing this one!" - NetGalley Review

December 18, 2012


NetGalley Review - Casandra Helzer

"I really liked this book. It gave me such wonderful ideas, and my 12 year old and 8 year old daughters love it too." - NetGalley Review

April 22, 2013

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer Phillips has been a writer for thirty years, starting out as a newspaper reporter in the Midwest. Her writing has given her a chance to try many fun and interesting things. She tackled crime stories and hung out in police labs long before shows like CSI were around. She’s ridden in helicopters, watched surgeries and traveled to 10 countries so far, always on the quest to find a new story. For young readers, she has independently published three other biographies, previously wrote two paper crafting books for Capstone and has sold her work to children’s publications as well. Jennifer lives in the Seattle area with her husband, two daughters, one cockatiel bird and a Betta fish rescued from a science class ecosystem experiment.

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