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Say Cheese, Medusa!
Say Cheese, Medusa!
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Say Cheese, Medusa!

by Kate McMullan
Illustrated by Denis Zilber

In Greek mythology, Medusa was a Gorgon — a winged monster with snakes for hair. Anyone who looked at her was instantly turned to stone. But she wasn't born that way. Not even close. Athena was so jealous of Medusa's beauty that she cursed her. Zeus changed the story to make his son, Perseus, look good. Hades is here to set the record straight on Perseus, Medusa, and everything in between.

PublisherStone Arch Books
Age Level9-13 Years
Reading LevelGrades 4-8
Trim Size5 1/4 x 8
Page Count208


Reviews - Brandy Huffman

"Hades, the god of the Underworld, is here to set the stories behind the legendary myths straight in this series. You see Zeus, the guy who likes to pass on the myths that we are familiar with, loves to stretch the truth. He always tweaks the story to be flattering to himself and his family members. In Say Cheese, Medusa, Hades gives us the real story behind Perseus' childhood and "heroic" deeds. He also tells the true story of how Medusa came to be "Gorgonized" and given her stony curse. It involves a picnic in the wrong place at the wrong time and a very bad hair day. Hades recollection comes in a very fun and lighthearted tone, and I really enjoyed the story. It will be a great high interest read for students, and I believe I will be adding it to my middle school library. I think my 6th graders will love it!" -

August 7, 2011

Imagination Soup - Melissa Taylor

"3rd Grade Summer Reading List" - Imagination Soup

May 8, 2019


Over a Cuppa Tea blog - Elizabeth Toh

"A word of warning: Never ever read this book while drinking or snacking. You’d choke on your drinks or food. Why? The book is too funny that I’m sure you’d find it hard to resist the urge to laugh. The mythologist will be going around tsk-ing at the twist, though. ‘Say Cheese, Medusa’ is not exactly the story where Perseus chopped off Medusa’s head and emerge a hero. It’s quite the other way around. A very refreshing and humorous touch to the age old serious story of heroism. I definitely can get used to reading the books in Myth o Mania series. It tickles my funny bones and I enjoyed it very much." - Over a Cuppa Tea blog

June 10, 2011

NetGalley - Keary Bramwell

"Like the series, will order all of them for the library." - NetGalley

September 16, 2011


Adventures of a Chldren's Librarian

"With her trademark wit, Kate McMullan revitalizes the story of Medusa in Say Cheese, Medusa. This latest installment in the Myth-o-Mania series makes the story of how Medusa was gorganized to accessible to a new generation of children. This tongue-in-cheek story will keep them rolling in the aisles!" - Adventures of a Chldren's Librarian

August 18, 2011

NetGalley - Namine Mai

"I am pretty sure these are young young adult books. But I need something light to read. And this book was good for some laughs. I am not sure what format it was written in, almost like Hades was writing a dairy or a letter.   Athena's reasons for punishing Medusa, Enyo, and Deino is actually quite selfish and kind of silly. She being the daughter of Zeus I just would have assumed she'd have better manners and ... I don't know people to talk to. The gray sisters are hilarious! As usually they are entertaining and just as strange as in the Hercules movie.. though I would love to know how the sisters end of working for Hades. Oh and their descriptions is very strange.   All in all, it's a child's book, but light and fun and good for a laugh.   Also this is a Myth-O-Mania book... and book three at that. While I might not directly search for them, I will keep my eyes open for the first two especially when I am in the mood for a light read." - NetGalley

August 8, 2011


Imagination Soup blog - Melissa Taylor

"Narrator, Hades, King of the Underworld, is here to shine some light on what really happened. Hilarious – one of our favorite series!" - Imagination Soup blog

July 23, 2012

Reading Vacation blog - Melina

"We are all familiar with Zeus’ version of Medusa’s story. Well, it turns out that Zeus is a bit of a myth-o-maniac, someone who spins wild myths that are not entirely true. Now it’s Hades chance to tell the REAL story of Medusa. This time, the way Medusa and her sisters become Gorgons is entirely different. And you won’t believe how hair care products play into the story. Hilarious! Even funnier, is what happens to Perseus when he goes after Medusa. Never has a Greek myth been so fun to read! This series has 8 books that can be read in any order. I want to read them all. I am especially excited for Keep a Lid On It, Pandora! They are being re-released with splashy new covers on August 1, 2011. RATING 5 Loved COVER COMMENTS Ha! Look at Medusa all green with her snake hair. I love this cartoon image." - Reading Vacation blog

June 11, 2011 - Amy Holbrook

"I've read and reviewed Nice Shot, Cupid, the fourth book. I liked this one better than the fourth one. I still find it irritating that Hades refers to his dog Cerberus as Cerbie and Persephone as P-Phone. Hades is the Lord of the Underworld, so it really irked me to read that but overall I did enjoy the story. Also, for the most part, I enjoyed the narration of Hades. Some of the betrayals of the gods and goddesses are, in my opinion, way off based. I know that it’s a retelling, but I would have liked to have seen some of the traits that people would expect based on the myths. I liked that it had a glossary that included information about the Gods and Goddesses mentioned. It also had discussion questions that adds to the book. I do believe kids will enjoy the series, but if for some reason they are looking for more of a pure myth, I recommend Myths and Legends by Anthony Horowitz." -

July 20, 2011


Imagination Soup

3rd Grade Summer Reading List

May 1, 2019

Kate McMullan

Kate McMullan

Kate McMullan is the author of the chapter book series Dragon Slayers' Academy as well as easy-readers featuring Fluffy, the Classroom Guinea Pig. She and her illustrator husband, Jim McMullan, have created several award-winning picture books, including I STINK!, I'M DIRTY!, and I'M BIG! Her latest work is SCHOOL! Adventures at Harvey N. Trouble Elementary in collaboration with the famed New Yorker cartoonist George Booth. Kate and Jim live in Sag Harbor, NY, with two bulldogs and a mews named George.

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