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Zombies and Forces and Motion
Zombies and Forces and Motion
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Graphic Library

Zombies and Forces and Motion

In cartoon format, uses zombies to explain the science of forces and motion.

PublisherCapstone Press
BrandGraphic Library
Age Level8-14 Years
Reading LevelGrades 3-4
GenreGraphic Nonfiction
SubjectGraphic Novels
Trim Size7 x 9
Page Count32



Library Media Connection - Dora Castillo, Library Media Teacher, Hodges Elementary, Lubbock, Texas

"This wacky new series of graphic novels is geared to reluctant readers; it uses graphic books to teach science content like energy, cells, adaptation, matter, force, and motion. The information and graphics will keep readers engaged, and the word bubbles, sized panels, and layouts are easy to follow. The illustrations provide good content, making it easier for Second Language learners. The series will make a good addition to your collection, as well as providing good sources for research activities in science. Recommended." - Library Media Connection

March 1, 2012

Book Links, "Forces & Motion" - Angela Leeper

" Told in a graphic-novel format using comics (and comical) panels, this physics-zombie mash-up examines Newton’s three laws of motion. For instance, the momentum of two teenagers’ heavy, fast car will allow them to outpace an attacking zombie – unless the zombie has a greater acceleration. Other zombie dilemmas involve force, mass, inertia, and other physics-related topics." - Book Links, "Forces & Motion"

November 1, 2013

Booklist - Daniel Kraus

"After bringing us such titles as Aliens and Energy (2012), Ghosts and Atoms (2012), and Werewolves and States of Matter (2012), the Monster Science series returns from the dead with its special blend of graphic-novel art, conversational text, and goofy monster sight gags. Vampires and Light is an obvious good fit, and throughout lessons on Sir Isaac Newton’s experiments, light speed, lenses, and eyes, various vamps dodge beams of deadly sunlight and fail to appear in mirrors. Many of the illustrations don’t make hay of the vampire premise, but others nail it, as when infrared light is demonstrated by showing Dracula scoping out prey with night-vision goggles. Zombies and Electricity mostly uses its undead cast as dopey stand-ins for lessons on atoms, currents, magnets, and more. For example, to illustrate positive and negative charges, a rotting businessman and a dead cheerleader take either side of a seesaw while holding plus and minus cards. Zombies are electrocuted on nearly every page, and it’s no wonder – “Flesh,” Weakland writes, “is a good conductor of electricity.” The busy pages and lack of clarifying elements like bullet points and graphs make this fun series best for those who learn by following story lines or conversations." - Booklist

April 15, 2013


Booklist - Daniel Kraus

"Perhaps taking a cue from the non sequitur smash Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2009), this physics zombie mash-up examines Newton’s three laws using a cast of shambling, bumbling, decomposing undead. One could be excused for mistaking this for a straight-up graphic novel—Gervasio’s comic panels and green-faced ghouls are well above par for the typical nonfiction stab at this kind of high-interest presentation. Turns out, zombies make perfect physics models: “To stagger forward, a zombie pushes against the ground with its legs and feet. In other words, it exerts a force.” Arrows assist the descriptions, and boxed vocabulary words (inertia, momentum) are defined at the bottom of pages. There is no story per se, but there are mini scenes, as when the principle of friction is illustrated by a zombie clinging desperately to the back of a speeding car. (Spoiler: his arms get torn off.) Too spastic for physics newbies but just the thing to pound newly learned lessons into the “braaaaaaaaaains!” of students." - Booklist

October 1, 2011

Mark Weakland

Mark Weakland

Mark Weakland wears many hats. As an author, he's written books for teachers, including Super Core!: Turbocharging Your Basal Reading Program with More Reading, Writing, and Word Work, published by the International Reading Association. His book topics for children include sports, bacteria, comets, and poetry. Mark's also a reading specialist. He teaches kindergarten children, third graders, parents, and teachers. As a musician and songwriter, Mark sings, plays percussion, and strums the guitar. Many of his songs, including "I Sure Love Pancakes" and "The Dooflicky Machine," have won national awards and contests. Mark lives in Western Pennsylvania.

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