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Blueberry Queen
Blueberry Queen
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Reviewed Titles Award Winners Accelerated Reader
Kylie Jean

Blueberry Queen

It's time for the annual Blueberry Festival, and Kylie Jean just knows she'd be the perfect Blueberry Queen.

GenreRealistic Fiction
Reading LevelGrades 2-3
Interest LevelGrades 1-3
Lexile Level730L
ATOS Level3.6
AR Points3.6
AR Quiz #140791
Text TypeLiterature: Narrative
PublisherPicture Window Books
BrandKylie Jean
Page Count112
Capstone Interactive eBook
List Price: $53.32 School/Library Price



Mrs. Katz Book Blurbs blog - Mrs. Katz

"In this installment of the series, Kylie Jean sets her goal on winning her first pageant and becoming Blueberry Queen in the local blueberry festival. She asks her cousins, neighbor, friends and grandparents for help and surprises her mom with the news after her application is submitted. Kylie Jean is a lucky girl. She is surrounded by loving and supportive parents, brother, extended family, friends and has a dog who understands her so well. With a writing style ideal for readers who enjoy Ivy & Bean and Judy Moody the story easily flows from chapter to chapter with lovely illustrations sprinkled throughout. This is such a fun upbeat book and girls in grades 2 and up will love it. See below for reviews of other Kylie Jean books." - Mrs. Katz Book Blurbs blog

April 10, 2011

This Blonde Reads blog

"From blueberries to beauty pageants, third grader Kylie Jean wants to be the queen of everything! But in her quest to be the best, this young southern belle learns a few lessons of her own. Mischievous, delightful and fun, this series will be at the top of every young girl’s list Blueberry Queen It’s time for the annual Blueberry Festival, and Kylie Jean just knows she’d be the perfect Blueberry Queen. This Blonde’s Review: I had reviewed a Kylie Jean story before when I reviewed Hoop Queen. I decided to review the rest of the series in the same post since I had similar things to say about all of them. These are all wonderful stories. Definitely longer than you’d assume looking at the cover and the description. These are better for young girls who have learned how to read but still need a simple story to read. My daughter is too young to read yet, but she enjoyed these stories enough to want me to read them straight though and to read multiple times. Each story shows how being kind and thoughtful will get a girl further than being pushy. Kylie Jean is a great example to girls who are struggling with whether to be kind or go with the crowd. They’re great stories for even smaller girls too if you’re willing to read them. They can be a little long for bedtime reading, but they’re still great even for a 4 year old." - This Blonde Reads blog

May 20, 2011


NetGalley - Amy Holbrook

"Blueberry Queen is one of the books about Kylie Jean, a young girl who aspires to be a beauty queen. Kylie Jean goes to Nanny’s and Pa’s farm with her family. They go there to help Nanny and Pa pick blueberries. Kylie decides she is going to try to become Blueberry Queen during the Blueberry Festival. With the help of family and friends, Kylie Jean tries to accomplish the requirements to enter the competition to become Blueberry Queen. Will Kylie Jean get the requirements done and become Blueberry Queen?   I loved all the illustrations. I think it is great that all of the Kylie Jean books have a glossary, recipe, and questions for children." - NetGalley

May 18, 2011

Books Your Kids Will Love blog - Sara

"Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen stars Kylie Jean who wants more than anything to be a beauty queen. The Blueberry Festival Queen who gets to ride in the front of the parade. Kylie Jean sets out to run for queen and takes the responsibility herself (with a little help from her mom). This is a nice addition to the many beginning chapter books that are on the market. It has a main character who is responsible and hard working. The plot is simple and sweet and young readers will enjoy Kylie's journey as she works to get what she wants. The writing isn't fantastic from an adults perspective but it is clear, easy to read and a good example of writing for the age group that will be reading the book. I could picture my daughter writing paragraphs like the ones that were in the book (although she wouldn't come up the plot) if she worked really really hard. This will allow young readers to be able to successfully read the story without much trouble. There is a glossary at the end along with discussion questions and writing prompts. Appropriateness: This book is best suited for girls from 5 to 8 who are just making that jump to reading chapter books independently. The reading level is late second grade, guided reading level M with a lexile of 620." - Books Your Kids Will Love blog

April 3, 2011


NetGalley - Bella Smythe

"Kylie Jean is an eponymously named new chapter book series written by Marci Peschke with illustrations by Tuesday Mourning. it is about a spunky and charming little Texan girl, her family, friends and the other people in her life including Ugly Brother, the faithful pet bulldog. Blueberry Queen * summer arrives and the blueberries are ripe for picking. everyone is looking forward to the Blueberry Festival especially Kylie Jean because every year one girl is chosen Blueberry Queen and she would just love to have that tiara on her head. i surprised myself when i realized that i could still enjoy books aimed at readers aged 6 to 9. perhaps because it was also around that time that i began my love affair with the written word. i loved reading the series and the books do not have to be read in any particular order. each can stand alone. i would definitely recommend them for their universal appeal. family-oriented values, obedience, friendship, resourcefulness, cooperation, generosity, humor and insight are just some of the themes found in the books. there are also recipes and fun stuff to do at the end of each one. together, parents and their children will certainly have a lot to look forward to these." - NetGalley

August 1, 2011

Practically Paradise Blog - Diane Chen

"Have you seen the Picture Window Books series featuring Kylie Jean? We currently own Kylie Jean Drama Queen, Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen, Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen, and Kylie Jean Hoop Queen. They aren’t processed and checked out through our circulation system yet because I cannot pry them out of the hands of these sixth grade girls long enough to slap a barcode on the books. This is a re-creation of a typical conversation. Fortunately some of the boys were playing with my flip camera and recorded part of it, but NO, I’m NOT going to show the video since it was totally a bad hair day and I have deleted the video. Girl 1: Here, Ms Chen! Here’s that book Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen I borrowed from you to review. I’m sorry I kept it so long, but my sister wanted to read it too, and then my friend in science class saw it and she needed to read it last weekend. Could you hold it here because Eliana is grabbing her overdue book so she can read it, too, and I told her she’d better hurry because Mariam said she was going to get it first, but Mariam already read Kylie Jean Drama Queen so she should have to wait. Ms Chen: Wait a minute! I lent you the book so you’d write a review for me and I could share it with blog readers. I still need to hold on to it so I can catalog it after tutoring today and read it myself so I can write about it. Girl 1: Well, I know you need a review so how about you just tell your readers that girls in fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and seventh grade will love to read this, but that the eighth graders might want some more romance stuff instead. Umm, and tell them that I really like the cover of the book because it’s pretty and Kylie Jean could be any of us girls with brown hair, and that everyone wants to read it, and that it’s funny, and that it’s quick to read, oh, and tell them that we convinced the computer teacher to let us go to the website during class and we found an event kit there and our reading teacher Ms H says if you want, she will help us have a Kylie Jean party and she has a beauty queen tiara, oh, yes, and tell your readers that my Nana let me make the recipe in the back and it even tasted good, and oh, yeah, I think every library should have every one of these books, and I really need the Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen next and I saw that Lillian had it and she said I could read it (if you say it’s okay) and she put me on her list cause she knows you want lots of people’s opinions about it so she’s got a list and people are borrowing it from her and she knows you won’t mind. Maybe I can have Tiajah come tell you about the one she’s reading – the Hoop Queen one – cause she said she liked it and she won’t let anyone else read it til she reads it a second time. Ms Chen: Okay, I think I can almost remember what you told me but you should really try to breathe more when you are talking. Maybe I should just give you the stickers to put on the books and somebody can drop by to let me know where they are. You know I like to track how many people are reading these new books I review so I can have accurate numbers. Girl 1: Ms Chen, you are so silly. You just need to add up all the girls in Ms H and Ms M and Mr W’s class cause we all read this one and then you can just pretend it was checked out and then you’ll know its popular for your numbers. Girl 2: Hey, Ms Chen, she better be giving you that book back because I got here first and I need to read it. She only let me read it to chapter four on the bus. Is that author Marci Peschke going to write some more books about Kylie Jean because I have some ideas to share with her and maybe then she can share some profit with me, too? My mom said I should just write my own book but I told her all about plagiarism and that I would have to invent my own person or go to jail and my mom said I should ask you how to write to the author to ask her. Do you think Wednesday Morning would make the pictures for me? Ms Chen: The illustrator is called Tuesday Mourning" - Practically Paradise Blog

February 20, 2011


MyMcBook's blog - Ella Johnson

"Kylie Jean is a series of chapter books for girls. If your child loves reading Judy Moody or Ramona Quimby then these books will keep your child’s attention. Kylie Jean loves taking part in any competition going on in her school or in the community. The books also shows how close Kylie Jean is with her family especially her Ugly Brother the dog…and don’t go telling him he’s a dog…lol! I love that Marci Peschke tackled bullying in the Drama Queen book and showing Kylie Jean’s kind and thoughtful side. Kylie Jean makes kids believe that no matter the task if you keep practicing you will be better at it. If you are looking for a good chapter book to start your child reading then I recommend Kylie Jean series. Check out the study guide and cooking recipes at the end of the book." - MyMcBook's blog

July 15, 2011

NetGalley via - Michelle B.

"5 STARS! Move over Junnie B, there's a new girl in town! Delightful and charming, this is a perfect read for the "tween" demographic (7-12 year old girls). It is fast-paced and adorably illustrated. This book tells the tale of Kylie Jean, an optimistic little girl who dreams of becoming a beauty queen. When she discovers the opportunity to sign up for the "Miss Blueberry" pagent, the registration process is confusing for little Kylie Jean, so she enlists the help of her cheerleader cousin, her grandparents, her girlfriends, and even her dog(Ugly brother). This story delivers the message to young readers that with a blend of perseverance, family support, and belief in yourself, you can achieve your goals. This book has it all...even a glossary, discussion pages, and a recipe for blueberry pie!" - NetGalley via

February 25, 2011


Secrets & Sharing Soda Blog - Katie

"Blueberry Queen, written by Marci Peschke and illustrated by Tuesday Mourning, is one of four books released in January 2011 to mark the beginning of the new Kylie Jean chapter book series. Like other chapter book heroines such as Junie B. Jones, Judy Moody, Ramona Quimby, Ruby Lu, and Clementine, Kylie Jean has a bright and spunky voice, and in her quest to become a real, live beauty queen, she encounters many of the problems and challenges girls face as they start to grow up. I was fortunate enough to receive a digital Advanced Reading Copy of this book from Capstone, via NetGalley. While I am not a huge fan of little girls in beauty pageants (especially after seeing shows like Toddlers & Tiaras on TV), I could appreciate this book. Kylie Jean wants to be crowned the queen of her Texas town’s Blueberry Festival, but it’s not something that can just happen for her overnight. Rather, she has to work hard to find a sponsor who can pay the entrance fee, and she has to fill out an application and write an essay. In order to make her dream come true, she must also rely on assistance from both sets of grandparents and from her teenage cousin, Lilly, who is a cheerleader. And though Kylie is definitely a girly girl who likes to dress up, she doesn’t hesitate to paint her own signs (with the help of a band of enthusiastic girlfriends), and she’s not at all afraid of a little dirt or a little hard work (as evidenced by the overalls and boots she’s wearing on the adorable cover of this book.) I also absolutely loved her voice - her Texas roots came through loud and clear, and reading this book felt like sitting down and having a chat with a spirited little girl. Personally, I didn’t feel as though this story was as strong or engrossing as a lot of other popular chapter book series I have read, but it does cover new ground, and even though I felt rushed through some of the story, I enjoyed reading it, and felt no desire to put it down, or move on to something else. I think Kylie Jean will have wide appeal to little girls who dream of being beauty queens themselves, and without putting a grim face on it, this book did focus on the hard work and dedication required to participate in pageants, so it was a realistic take on the experience. I also love that Kylie Jean is based on the author’s own niece - no wonder she’s such a realistic little girl!" - Secrets & Sharing Soda Blog

March 9, 2011


"But I'm pretty on the outside and on the inside. - Kylie Jean Carter Boys and girls dream of what they want to do or be when they grow up. For Kylie Jean Carter there is only one thing - to be a beauty queen. Kylie Jean is an eponymously named new chapter book series written by Marci Peschke with illustrations by Tuesday Mourning. It is about a spunky and charming little Texan girl, her family, friends and the other people in her life including Ugly Brother, the faithful pet bulldog. Rodeo Queen * It is spring time and all's right with the world. the rodeo is coming to the small town of Jacksonville, Texas and Kylie Jean wants to be Rodeo Queen. If she expects to get the title, she must learn some rodeo lessons like barrel-racing. Blueberry Queen * Summer arrives and the blueberries are ripe for picking. Everyone is looking forward to the Blueberry Festival especially Kylie Jean because every year one girl is chosen Blueberry Queen and she would just love to have that tiara on her head. Drama Queen * Summer comes to an end and Kylie Jean heads back to school. She is now in second grade. her whole class gets ready for a production of Alice in Wonderland and she hopes to play the Queen of Hearts but the new girl Paula Dupree might just steal it from her. Hoop Queen * During fall, Kylie Jean catches basketball fever. She has to gather pledges and make lots of baskets at the Free Throw Tournament in order to be the year's Hoop Queen. But first she must learn how to play the game. I surprised myself when I realized that I could still enjoy books aimed at readers aged 6 to 9. Perhaps because it was also around that time that I began my love affair with the written word. I loved reading the series and the books do not have to be read in any particular order. Each can stand alone. I would definitely recommend them for their universal appeal. Family-oriented values, obedience, friendship, resourcefulness, cooperation, generosity, humor and insight are just some of the themes found in the books. there are also recipes and fun stuff to do at the end of each one. Together, parents and their children will certainly have a lot to look forward to when the series debuts in January 2011. My personal rating is: 4 shamrocks – great" - aobibliosphere

December 18, 2010


One Day at a Time Blog

"Kylie Jean ~ Blueberry Queen is a beautiful tale, written to delight and entertain with its moral and character building lessons. The book is enriching, funny and endearing to read. Kylie Jean has always wanted to be a beauty queen, ever since she was an itty bitty baby. It is her life's dream to grow up and be Miss America, she has watched the television program ever since she was two. However, for now, she'll settle on being the Blueberry Queen. The Blueberry Festival is coming up and Kylie Jean wants to enter but has no idea how. She enlists her older cousin, Lilly, to aid her and help her get her application just right. Lilly gives Kylie Jean a list and explains to her all she needs to do. The list is huge and confusing and Kylie Jean isn't sure she can do it alone. Ideas pop into Kylie Jeans head that lead her to the people she loves most in her life to help her with each quest, from raising $25.00 for the application fee to finding the perfect dress. When the big day comes, Kylie Jean is in for a surprise, which she didn't forsee, all of the other contestants, are big people. How can Kylie Jean compete? Is all hope lost for her? Will Kylie Jean become the next Blueberry Queen?? I just loved Kylie Jean, as did my daughter. We were both amazed at Kylie Jean's confidence, her tenacity and her determination. She is a little girl with a big dream and sets out to accomplish her goals. She is respectful and reminds herself throughout the book to remain so and because of her personality and charm, its easy to fall in love with Kylie Jean. I would recommend this to anyone with young ladies in their lives, you can read it to them, or it could be a starter reader for those just beginning to enjoy books. At the back of the book, you will find a glossary of terms, recipes, activities and more that will sure to keep the young ones happy." - One Day at a Time Blog

February 10, 2011

School Library Journal - Alison Donnelly

"Kylie Jean lives in Jacksonville, TX, with her parents, brother, and pet bulldog named Ugly Brother. Ever since she was a “bitty baby,” she has dreamed of becoming a beauty queen. As her mother perfects recipes for the Blueberry Festival competition, Kylie decides to enter the contest for pageant queen. She enlists the help of her cousin, and the two girls navigate the Internet without adults and print out an application form that includes the contest rules. The message of the book is very much focused on being pretty, like a princess or angel. In Drama Queen, Kylie Jean starts second grade and learns that the new girl, Paula DuPree, is mean, and that their class will be performing Alice in Wonderland. Kylie has her heart set on playing the Queen of Hearts, but when she learns that Paula has been cast in the role, she settles for being one of four Alices. Kylie Jean accepts her disappointment well, and she and Ugly Brother practice with gusto. When Paula comes down with chicken pox, Kylie Jean gets the part she dreamed of and takes cookies to Paula. The pink and gray illustrations throughout go well with these girly stories. These titles are a good length for early chapter-book readers and will appeal to those girls who like tiaras, ruffled skirts, and lots of pink, just like Kylie Jean." - School Library Journal

July 1, 2011


San Angelo Times - Glenn Dromgoole

"A delightful new series of chapter books features Kylie Jean Carter from Jacksonville, Texas, who very much wants to be a beauty queen. The first four books by Texas author Marci Peschke were released in January by Picture Window Books. They are "Kylie Jean Rodeo Queen," "Kylie Jean Blueberry Queen," "Kylie Jean Drama Queen," and "Kylie Jean Hoop Queen." The books, available in paperback for $4.95 each, are wonderfully illustrated by artist Tuesday Mourning. The stories are aimed at girls ages 6 to 9. Kylie Jean is 8 years old, loves pink, has a brother named T.J. and a bulldog named Ugly Brother. She practices her beauty queen wave all the time "because everybody knows beauty queens need to have a perfect wave. It's side to side, nice and slow, with a dazzling smile," she explains. The stories are upbeat and emphasize strong family values, with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins pitching in to make Kylie Jean a special little girl. Her mother has taught her that it is important to be pretty on the inside as well as on the outside, and Kylie Jean is — well, most of the time. The character is based on the author's niece, who is in fact named Kylie Jean. The author, an elementary school librarian, has more Kylie Jean books in the works, including "Kylie Jean Spelling Bee Queen" and "Kylie Jean Football Queen." Four more Kylie Jean books are scheduled to be published in January. Read more on the author's website," - San Angelo Times

April 7, 2011

Crowding the Book Truck Blog - Caroline

"Kylie Jean has had a dream ever since she was a "bitty baby": she wants to be a Beauty Queen. And with the upcoming Blueberry Festival, she sees her chance! She might be young, but Kylie Jean is determined to find a way to be the Blueberry Queen. I didn't know anything about this book (or this series) when I started reading it, and because I was reading it on my Kobo I didn't even see the cover. When Kylie Jean started talking about how she's beautiful, inside and out, I thought to myself "that sounds like one of the kids on Toddlers & Tiaras." And, on the very next page, Kylie Jean announces that she wants to be a beauty queen, and I thought, "well, that makes sense." Kylie Jean can be a little much, but she's resourceful and determined. Being a beauty queen is her idea, not anyone else's, which is nice to see. She does have a big family who cares about her and wants to help her, but she has to approach them - she's not being pushed into anything, and she has to figure out a way to accomplish her goals. I'm not sure how Kylie Jean will hold up over several books (right now there are at least three others scheduled to be published), but I'm curious to find out." - Crowding the Book Truck Blog

November 22, 2010



Independent Publisher

2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Go Juvenile Fiction - Early Reader/1st Chapter books

October 1, 2011

Marci Peschke

Marci Peschke

Marci Bales Peschke was born in Indiana, grew up in Florida, and now lives in Texas, where she is a librarian. She has lived in three haunted houses, but now lives with her husband, two children, and a feisty black and white cat named Phoebe. She loves reading and watching movies.

Go to the Author’s Page →