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Stitch Head
Stitch Head
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Reviewed Titles Capstone Interactive

Stitch Head

by Guy Bass
Illustrated by Pete Williamson

Stitch Head steps out of the shadows into the adventure of an almost-lifetime.

GenreFantasy & Science Fiction
Reading LevelGrades 3-4
Interest LevelGrades 3-6
Text TypeLiterature: Narrative
Page Count192
Capstone Interactive eBook
List Price: $53.32 School/Library Price



NetGalley Review - Joel Smith

"...cheerful, sad, entertaining, involving, and way better than it should be. And it is one of the few books for this age group, at least that I've read lately, in which the illustrations have their own independent charm and nicely complement the narrative. The result is that the whole enterprise is imbued with real cheer and good humor." - NetGalley Review

February 9, 2013

NetGalley Review - Heather Wahl

"I enjoyed this individual, amusing monster driven book. . . .The descriptions of the monsters aided by the pictures are wonderful. The book should feed the requirement for werewolves and vampires that we have at the moment." - NetGalley Review

April 5, 2013

NetGalley Review - Ellie Ward

"Definitely one I will be recommending to my younger customers. The story was funny and engaging, and the illustrations were brilliant. This is a book that both children and their parents will enjoy, and I am looking forward to reading the sequel." - NetGalley Review

April 15, 2013


Cover 2 Cover blog

"I loved the pictures throughout this book, they were very cute but also dark and odd. Stitch Head is really the tale of friendship and believing in oneself." - Cover 2 Cover blog

March 23, 2013

NetGalley Review - Elizabeth Nicolini

"In my library system our Youth Services Head makes a list for us to order from. This book series has not been on our list yet so I have recommended them to her." - NetGalley Review

July 30, 2013

NetGalley Review - Lisa Knasiak, Broadview Public Library

"Cute. This is sure to be a hit with the hard-to-please 2nd and 3rd grade boys. I will certainly buy for my collection." - NetGalley Review

January 15, 2013


MoonShine Art Spot blog - Lisa

"One of the best children's books I have read in a while & I look forward to it's official USA publication. The illustrations and humorous interactions among zany characters intertwine to make a wonderfully magic story for both children & adults. . . .Stitch Head is full of love and this story would be a great add to any child's reading experience with lessons about loyalty and true friendship. There is action and laughs a million for this heart warming little hero whose loyalty to his creator is truly heart touching." - MoonShine Art Spot blog

February 13, 2013

NetGalley Review - L. Gold

"I don't think I can say how much of a pleasure this book was to read. As an adult, I could see that allusions to Frankenstein, etc, but my 7-year-old son just saw this as a fun book to read. The best part is that he's normally a reluctant reader and I need to fight with him to read more than a couple pages. This book was finished in three nights! This is on the top of the list for books I need to buy him for his bookshelf! Thank you for letting us read it (and for those quiet three nights)!" - NetGalley Review

August 3, 2013

Children's Literature Comprehensive Online - Justina Engebretson

"With a dash of humorous horror, a dose of loveable, freakish characters, and a page-turning plot, this chapter book is sure to capture the interest of elementary boys. The gothic-like illustrations add to the book's appeal and the humorous undertones of the plot. Friendship is a focal theme of this story bringing depth to the plot." - Children's Literature Comprehensive Online

September 1, 2013


Books Beside My Bed blog - Karen

"Filled with pictures and will give reluctant readers something to jump at for it is rather silly but scary." - Books Beside My Bed blog

June 14, 2013

NetGalley Review - Heather Wahl

"The descriptions of the monsters aided by the pictures are wonderful.  The book should feed the requirement for werewolves and vampires that we have at the moment.  It is a book that I shall now purchase for our library." - NetGalley Review

April 5, 2013

Library Media Connection - Nick Petrosino, District Library Coordinator, Ravenna (Ohio) School District

"The story is told with bold b&w illustrations which greatly enhance the reading experience. Short chapters are introduced with intriguing tidbits that entice the reader. The characters are fun and the little protagonist is someone readers can root for. The book will catch the eye of many readers, especially those looking for something dark and adventurous." - Library Media Connection

May 1, 2014


NetGalley Review - Louise Bendall

"Cute and not-too-creepy book for kids. . . . sweet with a message of friendship and belonging." - NetGalley Review

February 26, 2013

Forget About TV, Grab a Book - Berenice

"In this cute story we get to know about how friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and attached pieces. How  promises and friendships affect us. This creepylissous story is sure to delight children…" - Forget About TV, Grab a Book

December 7, 2012

NetGalley Review - Paula Celaya

"I would recomend this book for boys or girls who are starting to read longer stories; this could be the first "novel" for them. I'm 38 and had a great time reading it!" - NetGalley Review

April 20, 2013


Forget About TV, Grab a Book blog

"In this cute story we get to know about how friendship comes in all shapes, sizes and attached pieces. . . .sure to delight children and adults alike and don't worry about it, this is not the type of story that will scare the kids." - Forget About TV, Grab a Book blog

December 7, 2013

Loquacious Readers blog - Geisha Cielos

"I recommend this book to any middle grader or anyone who likes middle grade science fiction. Also people who enjoy works such as Coraline (2009), Igor (2008), and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)." - Loquacious Readers blog

March 16, 2013

NetGalley Review - Kelly O'Connor

"Great illustrations. I think students, particularly reluctant readers, will enjoy this hook. Stitch Head is a fun character." - NetGalley Review

December 29, 2012


NetGalley Reveiew - LuAnn Staheli

"Hysterically funny and perfect for middle grade boys. I loved the drawings that accompanied the story and attached to the quirky characters. . . .The cover art drew in my students and found numerous readers among them as well. A perfect addition to a Halloween collection for a school library, or to attract the interest of a reluctant reader." - NetGalley Reveiew

April 26, 2013

Ginger Nuts of Horror blog - Jim Mcleod

"...I have a history with Mr Guy Bass, and his books. This is the man who I single-handedly lay the blame for igniting my sons passion for reading, and for that I thank him. . . . Guy Bass surrounds this [story] with layers upon layers of witty writing, tongue and cheek humour, and a great deal of excitement to create a truly wonderful book. This  is one of the finest books I have read this year. It  is the perfect sort of book for Dads to read to their kids. I guarantee that the dads will get as much enjoyment from this fantastic piece of literature than their kids will." - Ginger Nuts of Horror blog

December 12, 2012

Book Twirps - O'Dell

"A quick, fun and zany read, Stitch Head is a book I would highly recommend to young readers. It’s well-suited for 8 to 10-year-olds, but even older kids and adults will enjoy it." - Book Twirps

March 28, 2013


Kidz Readz blog

"Author, Guy Bass, does a wonderful job creating a story about friendship, which can come in many shapes and forms. Readers will laugh at what happens to Stitch Head and cheer him on as he tries to do everything he can to keep the mad professor and his creations out of trouble." - Kidz Readz blog

March 2, 2013

Books for Kids blog - Dena McMurdie

"Guy Bass has a nice "voice" that comes through in the story. . . .I am so excited that this is going to be a series!  I can't wait to read the next one with my daughter." - Books for Kids blog

February 15, 2013

Lindsey Mountford blog - Lindsey Mountford

"The monster characters are fantastic, scary-funny like a Tim Burton film. The story is fast-paced and action-packed, and has depth and a heart, witty language and snappy dialogue. If you like the sound of mad scientists, magic potions, spooky castles, friendly monsters, circuses and fearless heroines and “curtain-covered carriages trundle-clopping across lamplit cobbles,” then this book is for you." - Lindsey Mountford blog

April 9, 2013


Sharon the Librarian blog - Sharon

"I highly recommend Stitch Head to readers around 7 and older. The story holds fun, humor, and a good story without a heavy handed moral or message. It is a layered story, with something for the advanced and emotionally thoughtful readers, as well as those that enjoy a simple joke about bodily noises and entertaining action.  I think it would highly appeal to reluctant readers and those that often complain that reading is boring, because this book could just convince them otherwise." - Sharon the Librarian blog

March 12, 2013

Guy Bass

Guy Bass

Guy Bass is an award-winning writer, author, and stuff. In 2010 he won the Blue Peter Book Award for Most Fun Book With Pictures for Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things and has twice won the Portsmouth Book Award (Shorter Novel) for his Dinkin Dings series. Guy grew up dreaming of being a superhero – he even had a Spider-Man costume. The costume doesn’t fit anymore, so Guy now contents himself with writing children’s books and drawing the occasional picture. Guy lives in London with his wife and no dog, yet.

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