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Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Velociraptor: Power Against Speed
This title covers these subjects: Dinosaurs., Velociraptor., Tyrannosaurus rex.
Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Velociraptor: Power Against Speed
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Edge Books

Tyrannosaurus rex vs. Velociraptor: Power Against Speed

by Michael O'Hearn
Illustrated by Philip Renne

This is the fight everyone has waited millions of years to see. Tyrannosaurus rex has the advantage in size and pure power. But Velociraptor is quick and smart, plus he has lots of friends. Uncover how these very different predators lived and how they may have brawled with each other inside.

Reading LevelGrades 3-4
Interest LevelGrades 3-9
Lexile Level770L
ATOS Level4.3
AR Points0.5
AR Quiz #134242
Early Intervention Level26
PublisherCapstone Press
BrandEdge Books
Page Dimensions7" x 9"
Page Count32
BindingReinforced Library Binding
List Price: $30.65 School/Library Price

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Children's Book A Day... Keeps Scary Monster Away! Blog - Ida Joiner, MLIS

"The introduction to this book is reminiscent of the boxing matches of years gone by such as the Ali-Frazier or other heavyweights!!!!!!!!!!! What a way to get young reader's attentions by introducing the book by writing: "This is the fight that everyone has been waiting for millions of years to see. Tyrannosauraus rex has the advantage in size and pure power. But Velociraptor is quick and smart, plus he has lots of friends." I enjoyed reading this book that was shipped to me from Capstone Publishers. This eye-catching book is well written and organized. It reminded me of posters for past boxing events! The book contains a nice Table of Contents that includes: Welcome to the Dinosaur Wars The Combatants *Size *Speed and Agility *Weapons *Attack Style Get Ready to Rumble Pain Glossary Read More Internet Sites Index The colors and pictures are bold, aggressive, and inviting.. just like one would anticipate during a war between two members from the dinosaur kingdom!!!!!!! The text is large and engaging!!!!!!!!! It has that "WELCOME, STEP RIGHT ON IN!!!!!!!" As I read this entertaining book, I thought of the late sports announcer Howard Cosell who with Muhammad Ali made boxing the most exciting sport some years ago. It was as if I could hear Howard Cosell's powerful voice, yelling, In the one corner, we have Tyrannosaurus Rex and in the opposing corner, we have Velociraptor! Who will win!!!!!! Who will remain standing? Who will deliver the knockout? Who will be the last dinosaur standing??? We witness the two dinosaurs engaged in life or death battle as we open the book to the "Welcome to Dinosaur Wars!" We read that "Dinosaurs were brutal creatures. They fought each other and ate each other. Usually it was meat-eater versus plant-eater. I liked how the author included "Fierce Facts" at the bottom of many pages. For example, "Most dinosaur skeletons in museums are missing some bones. Scientists fill in the gaps using models of bones from related dinosaurs." There are definitions included at the end of pages also such as "extinct - no longer living anywhere in the world." This is a creative way to teach vocabulary without students even realizing this! The colors are green, red, yellow, black, white, orange and many variations! The pictures are large and "in your face!" They are so well designed and organized and laid out that you feel like you are right there with the dinosaurs and that they might leap off of the page at any time. I could certainly see how young children might be a little frightened and would need to have a parent ready to explain that this is not real. As a matter of fact, this fight could never have occurred as the author shares with us. In the "One Last Thing... section, the author shares that, "The battle is fake. It's imaginary, like in a movie. These two dinos never met of fought each other. Nobody knows which dinosaur would have won. No one knows how it would have happened. But if you like a good dinosaur battle, this one should be a blast." The descriptions are short and to the point. For example, "T. rex was a true heavyweight, big enough to take on any dinosaur. He was one of the largest carnivores to ever walk the earth. This monster stood 20 feet (6 meters) tall and weighted 7 tons (6.4 metric tons). T rex's head was massive. It was 4.5 feet (1.4 meters) long. T. rex could fit an entire Velociraptor inside his open mouth." "Veliciraptor was a lap dog compared to T. rex. Velociraptor stood only 3 feet (.9 meter) tall. He measured up to 7 feed (2.1 meters) long from head to tail... Compared to T. rex, he wasn't even a featherweight. What a blood bath... Velociraptor and his friends fight T. rex until the end... who is the victor? You will have to read the book..::))) This book contains a nice Glossary at the end. There is a "Read More" section for readers to obtain more information and the link to "Fact Hound" listed in the "Internet Sites" section." - Children's Book A Day... Keeps Scary Monster Away! Blog

March 24, 2010

Michael O'Hearn

Michael O'Hearn

Michael O'Hearn published his first book in 2007, a graphic novel following the story of Henry Ford as he built the Model T automobile. He has since published many other books and continues to write both nonfiction and fiction. Michael lives in Connecticut with his wife, Karen, his daughter, Kendal, and her stuffed kitty, Meowy. When he's not busy writing, he likes to write and record songs, work on cars, trim bonsai trees, and read.

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